About SpaceGAMBIT

What is SpaceGAMBIT?

SpaceGAMBIT is an international collaboration of space enthusiasts, operating through makerspaces, hackerspaces and other community groups. GAMBIT stands for Global Alliance of Makers Building Interstellar Technologies. We’re passionate about making space research and exploration accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

We’re here to help humanity to survive and expand into space by building grassroots collaborative activities that encourage related education and project development. We enable hackerspaces, makerspaces and other open community groups to work together to carry out space-related research and development, and engage any interested member of their local community in those activities.

Isn’t Space just for Governments and Big Corporations?

Not any more. With the democratising power of new technologies such as 3D printing, space research comes within reach of everyone. Anyone can innovate and learn. And big organisations know that, which is why they’ve been collaborating with us to fund and support SpaceGAMBIT.