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Open Source has changed the world. You’re reading this now because the tools used to build, host, and manage this site are totally open. The whole internet and everything it entails has been built on open source. Without open source you wouldn’t be able to find books on Amazon, hear music on Spotify or find that hot match on Tinder.

Open source is working in space as well. Cubesats are open hardware microsatellites, with blueprints available for anyone to modify. Because they’re easy and cheap to build, almost 350 have launched or plan to launch. There are also open source ground stations, rockets, robotic telescopes, and much more. Read MoreWhy Open Source?

SpaceGAMBIT provides aerospace innovation via seed funding for open-source projects. We work with our partners to find out what’s holding us back from space, crowdsource solutions from makers and citizen scientists, and share the results with the world. We’ve worked with NASA, and the White House, and are always seeking more partners and sponsors to help us hack humanity to the stars.
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