SpaceGAMBIT is a DARPA-funded program to enhance humanity’s survivability and sustainability in space. Our goal is to help build humanity into a spacefaring civilization by leveraging the power of the maker movement. To do that, we fund projects at community spaces around the world that are relevant to our mission. Read MoreProjects Overview

Asteroid Response Center is an interactive installation, hosting video and multimedia content regarding NASA’s Asteroid Grand Challenge, asteroid science, and SpaceGAMBIT projects. It has been exhibited at Burning Man 2014 and World Maker Faire New York.

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Ultrascope is an automated robotic observatory (ARO) that you can laser-cut and 3D print at home. Future versions will be able to contribute to the Asteroid Grand Challenge.

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Black Rock Observatory is a tourist office/welcome center for the rest of the universe. Our mission is to teach people that space is relevant to them. They’re alive because of energy streaming from 90 million miles away. They may die because of catastrophic impacts. Our very survival depends on our understanding of the Solar System and the universe and for the first time, the tools to decode the universe or maybe even save the planet are accessible to everyone.
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The Asteroid Hackathon has the twin goals of creating awareness and encouraging engagement with the “citizen scientist” community around asteroid data challenges and opportunities.
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The Wayward Rock is an interactive, space-based adventure where it’s up to you to save the world! Participants will learn about asteroids through extraterrestrial imaging data, discuss their solutions with like-minded students, and build a physical prototype of their own brilliant ideas if they have access to a local makerspace or fab lab.
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Live out the most pivotal century in mankind’s history, as for the first time in history we begin to mold the cosmos around us. From our first baby steps out of the atmosphere and onward to interstellar space, the player must hunt out asteroids and develop the technology to expand their space-based resources.
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LightSight is an open-source system for the fabrication of extremely low cost parabolic mirrors for the use in amateur telescopes. 
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Central Spark is software that simplifies, automates, and speeds up submission of astronomical sightings and discoveries  to central object databases, social media feeds, and “Internet of Things” cloud services.
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DIY Space Exploration was funded by SpaceGAMBIT in 2013 and 2014 to create engaging content that will inspire the general public to support and participate in space exploration. We break down complex the complex technology and science used in space and create easy to digest multimedia content (articles, videos, infographics and handouts) and promote both online and offline.
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