DIY Space Exploration was funded by SpaceGAMBIT in 2013 and 2014 to create engaging content that will inspire the general public to support and participate in space exploration. We break down complex the complex technology and science used in space and create easy to digest multimedia content (articles, videos, infographics and handouts) and promote both online and offline.
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The Space Badge Program is a branch of the Curiosity Hacked Badge Tree design to explore space-related concepts and skills through STEAM education. Each badge will focus on an aspect of space technology and can be acquired individually.
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The Make-a-Space Kit is a detailed project plan and guidelines for founders and board directors of hackerspaces and makerspaces that leads groups through four stages in the lifecycle of a space: Discovery, Formation, Launch, and Outreach. Read MoreMake-a-Space Kit

The Space Hacker Workshop introduces citizen scientists and hardware hackers to the experiment flight opportunities offered by Citizens in Space. During the two-day workshop, participants learn about microgravity and suborbital science, the XCOR Lynx spacecraft, the Lynx Cub Payload Carrier, and how to build suborbital payloads. Read MoreSpace Hacker Workshop