SatStatSim is an educational simulator of satellites and small space stations. Using a mix of modular and parametric parts you can assemble an object to be launched either complete or in pieces, and get simulated reports on many features and performance like the potential endurance, heat issues, power budget, how much it would cost to launch into orbit on various launch systems.
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SilSuit is a prototype partial space suit that in the future, can be developed into a self­-contained mechanical pressure suit for in­space extra­vehicular activity with integrated HUD and GUI for suit control and status. The aim is to improve current space suit designed by improving mobility, reducing bulk, space suit cost and manufacturing complexity by use of mechanical pressure and experimenting with different designs, materials and manufacturing techniques. Read MoreSilSuit

PSWARM is printing the first vacuum compatible planetary rover thinbot components. Enabling a leap towards the next generation of asteroid and planetary exploration rovers, we develop novel open source technology needed to make future mobile ultra-lightweight printable paper thin rovers (“thinbots”), and develop a SWARM distributed architecture mission concept ideal for Asteroid and Planetary Exploration by swarms of mass printed rovers.