Portable Workstations Contest

In 2014, SpaceGAMBIT ran our Portable Workstations Contest in association with Instructables.

Spacecraft, Space Habitats, Makerspaces, and many other work areas share a common issue – limited work space. And often you have to take the workstation to the project. A classic solution is to create a portable, stowable workstation – ways to pack your favorite maker needs in a container, transport it, pull it out and setup quickly, use it and then stow it away again. This could be a foldup electronics station, a packaged welding rig, a sewing center, a portable carpentry shop, a mechanics back-o-truck box, 3d scanner/printer rig, festival kitchen, photo/video documentation – whatever it takes to make your projects. Mobile maker training communities could have three or more sets of various teaching/learning stations that can be loaded up and taken to a public training/demo event.

We gave a load of prizes to give away to the best entries, including an UP Mini 3D Printer, Shapeoko 2 Premium CNC Mill Desktop and much more

Portable Workstations Contest website