SatStatSim is an educational simulator of satellites and small space stations. Using a mix of modular and parametric parts you can assemble an object to be launched either complete or in pieces, and get simulated reports on many features and performance like the potential endurance, heat issues, power budget, how much it would cost to launch into orbit on various launch systems.

“We’ve been working slowly but steadily on a usable version of SatStatSim, our Satellite and Space Station building simulator. While much of the last year has been focused on getting our science right, the challenge is now presenting the simulated information on your parts, designs, and missions in a useful manner.

The prototypes of interfaces and buttons you can press change rapidly as we try to find a happy balance between showing you the exciting parts of what happens when you launch your design into space, and drowning in tabs and meaningless numbers.

SatStatSim website | Project proposal | Project budget | Technical report