The SpaceGAMBIT Team

Alex Cureton-Griffiths

Project Lead

Global Projects Lead for SpaceGAMBIT, Alex travels around the world looking for projects to fund and works with hackerspaces and makerspaces to improve the survival of humanity in space.

  • Location: Worldwide

    Marc Fournier

    Administration Manager

    Co-founder of La Paillasse, after a preparatory class at ESME SUDRIA and a bachelor’s degree in environment and energy management he worked in a design office in the renewable energy sector.┬áCurious about the social implication of advanced technologies and convinced of the growing role of the citizen in the coming society.

    • Location: Paris, France

    Pierre Mary


    Cyber-blacksmith and CTO at La Paillasse, Pierre is also big data project manager for a startup. He works mainly on the knowledge end equipment exchange systems between locations and peoples in order to facilitate collaborative research and the emergence of decentralized projects.

    • Location: Paris, France